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Legder Square is a consultancy team focusing on blockchain technologies.
We are agile and aim to create long term partnerships with our clients and partners.



Ledger Square is a consulting team specialized in decentralized applications and distributed ledger technology. We engage in partnerships with enterprises and startups who seek to leverage blockchain technology to innovate or transform their business model. We assist you in the whole process and help you translating your existing business logic into the paradigm of smart contracts based on distributed ledgers.

At Ledger Square, we are product agnostic and provide unbiased advices as we are not pushing any specific product. We are transparent and motivated by win-win relationship. We seek to engage in long term partnerships to translate your ideas into successful blockchain based applications.

If you are interested about exploring blockchain or implementing solutions, we are here to help by offering you a full range of services to embrace this promising technology.

We are headquartered in Zurich (Switzerland), and provide our services internationally with offices in Paris (France), Toronto (Canada), and Singapore. Most of our clients are spread worldwide and we travel on a very regular basis. Our team is a combination of brilliant and diverse talents from the Blockchain ecosystem with technical, business and finance background.

We would love to hear how we can build a long-term partnership with your organization.



We help your organization to better understand the technology and the new opportunities it can offer.

We also provides seminars to train developers to be ready for building blockchain applications.

Executive training
Technical training
Legal & Regulation

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We assist you on designing your architecture and guide you toward protocol implementation

We also build for you prototypes and proofs of concept mainly on design sprint methodology.

Proof of concept
Hi-house Workshop

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We help you to choose the better blockchain option according to your business model and goals

We can define with you the right blockchain strategy or provide In-depth research or Independant Due diligence

Blockchain Strategy
Board Membership
Market watch & Studies

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